About the Singer Rose Moraes

Born into a family of musicians in the south of Brazil, Rose Moraes began her studies with many prestigious institutes in Brazil such as: The University of Maringa and the Musical Conservatory of Curitiba. She also studied and performed with the Musical Conservatory of Maringa (LuzAmor) to then go on and graduate from the University of Science and language in Parana with a bachelor's in Pedagogia. Moraes recorded her first CD entitled "Brejeira"(Breh-Gera) which is a Brazilian word to describe someone or something that is simple and natural. The launching of this album inspired Moraes to produce a show entitled "enCanto Do Poema" (the enchantment of poetry), where she combined famous American/Brazilian/Latin and other international poems with the music on her album. She also recorded a CD special where she puts togheter songs alive from Brazil's show and recordings made in the US with greats musicians such as Tito Freitas, Leonardo Lucini, Wayne Wilentz. The success of this show was so grand that she decided to take it on the road. Touring many cities in Brazil such as: Natal- Casa da Ribeira, Recife-Marco Zero, Sao Paulo - Crowne Plaza and Curitiba-Teatro Paiol. She also brought her show to the States participating in the "Sounds of Brazil" radio program on WPFW in Washington, DC to promote her album and show. . . .


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